Step 3: “Freeplay – Buy One Get One Free" Bonus Promotion

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The following terms and conditions shall apply to the “Freeplay – Buy One Get One Free” Bonus Promotion (the “Promotion”) being offered by Game Play Network, Inc. (“GPN” or “b spot”) to certain Account Holders. 

  1. Defined Terms; Eligibility. 
    1. Defined Terms. Any undefined capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the b spot Terms of Use. The following terms shall be defined as: 
      1. Freeplay Credit(s): are electronic credit(s) issued to a Player by GPN at no cost to the Player in various denominations.  
    2. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Promotion, an individual must: (a) establish a valid advance deposit wagering account with b spot; (b) make an initial deposit of Ten Dollars ($10) or more into his/her b spot account (a “Deposit”); (c) purchase a first wager package costing ten dollars ($10), twenty dollars ($20), forty dollars ($40) or one hundred dollars ($100) (the “First Package”); and (d) purchase a second wager package costing twenty dollars ($20), forty dollars ($40) or one hundred dollars ($100) (the “Second Package”). An account holder eligible for this Promotion cannot transfer his/her eligibility to another account holder.

  2. Promotional Freeplay Credits.
    1. Freeplay Credits may be issued by GPN in various forms, including, but not limited to previously placed wagers which are assigned by GPN to the Player for use via the Promotion that were reclaimed for promotional value pursuant to Section 6 of  The “Instant Play” Marketing Promotion & Service, at its sole discretion. Freeplay Credit(s) do not have a cash value until they are revealed to the Player.
    2. If a Player becomes eligible for the Promotion, b spot will credit his/her account with Freeplay Credits (the “Bonus”). b spot will credit the Bonus to the eligible account holder’s account promptly after the Second Package is purchased.

  3. Disputes. b spot reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the Promotion, and its decisions shall be final.

  4. General Terms. The b spot Terms of Use posted on (the “Terms of Use”) govern this Promotion and a Player’s use of the b spot Service (as defined in Section 1 of the Terms of Use). b spot may disqualify any person from this Promotion in the event that the person: (i) violates the Terms of Use; (ii) engages in fraudulent or deceptive behavior; and/or (iii) attempts to defeat or circumvent any of the promotional rules or restrictions. b spot may suspend, discontinue, or modify the Promotion at any time for any reason.